Selected project examples

PtX: Concept verification and optimization for a green hydrogen and ammonia project in the Middle East


The client undertook a high-level assessment which  formed part of an initial study. Fichtner developed a concept level study including concept engineering, Order of Magnitude (OoM) estimate, schedule and financial modeling to support the overall study.​ Fichtner was required to provide the conceptual design for renewable power, electricity transmission, and green ammonia production and export, in order to maximize value to the company, address key risks and issues, and achieve the lowest possible Levelized Cost of Ammonia (LCoA). 

Fichtner's Service:

  • Optimization of Hydrogen, ammonia and renewable plants​
  • Development of layout for hydrogen and ammonia plant​
  • Development of cost estimation​
  • Development of time schedule​
  • Development of risk register​
  • Review of financial model