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Shaping the hydrogen sector with capable hands

We believe that hydrogen will play a key role in the decarbonization of our world. With three decades of experience, we are working with our customers to advance the development of hydrogen in a wide range of sectors. 

Hydrogen: A Handbook for Investors and Project Developers

The view of one of the world's leading consulting teams on the hydrogen market, technologies, and value chain. 

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H2-Optimizer: New powerful tool for successful hydrogen projects

Tackling the key barriers to setting up hydrogen projects by calculating their levelized costs and dimensioning the main components.

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H2 Insights: News around hydrogen

Hydrogen markets and technologies are constantly developing. Experts from Fichtner's Hydrogen Division share their views and knowledge on technical, economic and political issues.

H2 Insights

Our competencies help you to succeed

Thanks to our three decades of experience in hydrogen projects, we can provide competent tailored support along the entire hydrogen value chain.

Business Models & Political Consulting

We advise you on the development of strategies for a successful positioning in the hydrogen sector.

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Investors & Project Development

We support you with technical and economic market expertise throughout all stages of the investment process.

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Hydrogen Infrastructure

We help you prepare existing assets for hydrogen and design new hydrogen infrastructure.

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Hydrogen Plant Design

We support you in all project phases of plants for the production, transport and use of hydrogen.

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Business Models and Political Consulting

Being ready for the upcoming structural change of the energy sector requires the development of future-oriented business models and sound policy advice. With their market know-how and strong technical background, our team of consultants and engineers develops strategies for clients looking to successfully master the transformation of their sector. Furthermore, we advise decisionmakers on national strategies for the decarbonization of their economies.


  • We advise you on:
  • Hydrogen business model development
  • Advisory policy service on roadmaps, strategies and a regulatory framework regarding hydrogen
  • Strategy development

Investors and Project Development

We combine the strengths of the Fichtner group in relevant technical and economic areas to provide you with a sound decision basis for your project. Through our long project track record in the hydrogen sector, we can support you with proven tools like our H2-Optimizer and a reliable cost database to evaluate hydrogen projects. Our market knowledge and our network enable us to provide added value in project development.


  • We advise you on:
  • Project development
  • Project evaluation
  • Feasibility studies and due diligence

Hydrogen Infrastructure

Many countries and companies are already taking steps towards using their natural gas infrastructure for hydrogen.You can rely on our team of experienced natural gas engineers and hydrogen experts to prepare your infrastructure networks for the use of hydrogen.


  • We advise you on:
  • Design of hydrogen pipeline systems and infrastructure
  • Network expansion planning in the gas sector
  • Evaluation of gas storage facilities
  • Conversion planning and new planning of natural gas systems partially or 100% H2-Ready

Hydrogen Plant Design

The engineering, construction and commissioning of plants based on new technologies poses a great challenge. With three decades of experience in the sector, Fichtner is capable of reliably handling hydrogen projects as a single point of contact from beginning to end.


  • We advise you on:
  • Planning of power-to-gas plants (electrolysis, methanation)
  • Planning of hydrogen filling stations
  • Planning of plants for synthetic fuels (Green Fuels)
  • Process, electrical, control and construction engineering
  • Approval management and safety analyses

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We look forward to supporting you in the implementation of your goals and projects.

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Matthias Schlegel

Head of Hydrogen

Hydrogen: A Handbook for Investors and Project Developers

Successfully mastering the challenges in the hydrogen sector with in-depth industry knowledge from a leading global consulting team.

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