Fichtner Hydrogen Value Chain Suite

Integrating our long-term experience, models and data in one place


Decision-makers need a solid basis for strategies and investment decisions despite a wide range of uncertainties.

With the market ramp-up and ongoing development of renewable hydrogen and its derivatives, our clients from the private and public sector seek a solid basis for their strategies and investment decisions despite a wide range of uncertainties involving questions such as:

  • What are realistic costs from the point of production to the end consumer?
  • What are expected supply and demand volumes across different regions and sectors?
  • What is the market value of green hydrogen and its derivatives in different markets?
  • At what time and price will hydrogen or one of its derivatives be available at a specific location?
  • Which specific regulatory and certification requirements need to be complied with?


Our projects give us unique insights into market developments.

With its portfolio, Fichtner acts as an independent engineering and consulting provider at the leading edge of market development, gathering practical know-how and data that only very few market participants have. In order to serve our wide range of clients and provide solutions to their specific needs, Fichtner has developed the Hydrogen Value Chain Suite (H2VCS), which leverages our long-term experience within the market, both from engineering (e.g. feasibility studies and due diligence reviews) and consultancy assignments (e.g. development of business models and regulatory frameworks).


Our suite, along with its in-house developed tools and underlying datasets, presents the latest technological, market and regulatory environment.

Our experience from a wide range of projects as well as the use of open-source tools and open data sources are bundled into one fundamental market model for hydrogen and its derivatives including ammonia, methanol and synthetic fuels.

Hydrogen Value Chain Suite framework

Utilizing georeferenced data that encompasses every stage of the value chain, such as renewable electricity, hydrogen production, processing, transmission, storage, reconversion, distribution, and end use, it is possible to construct detailed models of potential hydrogen value chains from the point of production to the end consumer. These can be optimized in terms of technical, economic, market and regulatory aspects using our software and evaluated by our pool of experts. Among others, this allows for integrated coverage and specific assessment with respect to the following:

  • Availability of major resources such as water, renewable energy, and CO2 as well as enabling infrastructure (e.g. terminals, shipping, transmission and distribution infrastructure)
  • Development and status of upstream, midstream and downstream projects
  • Modeling of supply and demand availability, transport and storage capacities
  • Analysis of the levelized cost of production, transport and storage
  • Offtake assessments including identification of offtakers, volumes, and willingness to pay
  • Regulatory and certification requirements


Increasing uncertainty in social, economic, and political developments has made mapping of various market, policy, value chain and cost scenarios essential to clients.

The Fichtner Hydrogen Value Chain Suite is aimed at clients from the private and public sector for use in cases such as the following:

  • Concept, market and feasibility studies
  • Asset evaluation and due diligence reviews
  • Assessments of strategic investment opportunities
  • Analysis of strategic aspects of project and market developments
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Provision of cost assumptions of different technologies
  • Netback and cost-plus pricing, willingness to pay
  • Economic and financial models for investors, banks and state institutions
  • Sales and purchase agreements (SPA)/ long-term supply contracts
  • Digital Twin development for project developers’ and owners’ portfolios


Do you already have a specific request and would like more information about the H2 Value Chain Suite? Contact Achim Stuible & Matthias Schlegel of our energy economics and hydrogen team at We look forward to supporting you in your projects and studies.