1 year Fichtner Australia

2022 was an exciting year for the hydrogen team due to the establishment of Fichtner Australia. One of our hydrogen experts, Dr. Florian Klumpp, moved to Sydney to help set up the company in Australia together with Alex Dronoff, a pioneer in the Australian hydrogen industry. It was an extremely busy, intense, but rewarding first year as the team established its presence in the hydrogen and broader renewable energy industry Down Under.

To date, the business has grown to a team of six experienced engineers covering Hydrogen, solar PV/BESS and waste-to-energy, supported by business development and operations managers. The team has so far worked on a number of exciting projects including:

  • Green hydrogen market studies for EPC contractors and suppliers interested in entering the market
  • Establishing a partnership with ARENA, the key government agency in Australia, to connect investment, knowledge and people to deliver energy innovation and support the global transition to net zero - this included being awarded the role of Knowledge Sharing Agent for ARENA's Hydrogen Portfolio
  • Feasibility studies for green hydrogen from various renewable sources including hydropower
  • Scoping studies for a large Australian energy producer to identify ideal sites for electrolysis plants to produce 100 tonnes/day of hydrogen
  • Technical due diligence for solar farms and concentrated solar power companies
  • Lenders’ technical advisor during construction of solar farms around Australia
  • Joint involvement in Australian hydropower and desalination projects with our global colleagues

It has been a fantastic start as we grow and develop the Fichtner brand and become a major player in the renewable energy space in the region. The team are looking forward to working on more exciting projects in 2023 and the years to come. If you have projects relating to renewable energies in Australia that you need assistance with, please contact our Business Development Manager Chris Skellern on +61 447 947 634 or email chris.skellern@fichtner.com.au.