Fichtner Forum Hydrogen Chile 2023

The Fichtner Hydrogen Forum, which took place on 21 March 2023 in the stimulating atmosphere of the Hotel W in Santiago de Chile, provided a unique opportunity to gather the leading players in the emerging H2 market in Chile and our experts to discuss the main trends, obstacles and challenges of the hydrogen industry in one of the most dynamic markets in Chile.

Since the event was organised from Germany, both the physical distance to Chile and the time difference were significant challenges we had to face. To overcome these hurdles, we sent a specially assembled team to Chile two months before the start of the event to effectively coordinate the planning on location. By working with distinguished speakers as well as with the generous support of our sponsors, we were able to set up a successful event. Additionally, we offered "speed consulting services" and the "warm-up conferences", to increase the added value for our participants.

Originally the Fichtner Hydrogen Forum event, taking place outside Germany for the first time, was planned for about 100 participants. However, the extraordinarily positive response in the last two weeks before the Forum meant that we had the honour of welcoming around 200 guests from various countries. This significant increase in participants is a clear indication of the immense importance of the topic of H2. The diversity of participating organisations also reflected the relevance. From renowned universities and research institutions to chambers of commerce, companies and governmental organisations, a wide range of players was represented.

On the day of the Forum, the events consisted of a variety of fascinating topics, presented in three insightful sessions and discussed in subsequent panels, e.g.:

  • Competitiveness, Opportunities and H2 as a Commodity in Chile.
  • Transformation of the steel industry towards H2, Transport and Ammonia Technology
  • Electrolyzer, Enabling Infrastructure and examples of green H2 in Chile

The Forum offered numerous opportunities for exchange and networking, which was reflected in the discussions during the coffee breaks, lunch and in the evening over finger food and drinks. These informal gatherings were extremely valuable as they gave participants the opportunity to network and make new contacts with colleagues, speakers and experts from different fields.

An unforgettable highlight of the event occurred when we were suddenly surprised by an earthquake. In the middle of a presentation, the ground began to shake unexpectedly. Although this was not an unusual experience for locals in Chile, it caused uncertainty and worry among those who were not from Chile. However, within a few minutes everything was calm again. "It was 'just' an earthquake," said the Chilean moderator, and in no time the mood in the hall was back at its peak.

The Fichtner Forum Hydrogen Chile 2023 has become a brand. Inspired by the first-class exchange and the unforgettable day, we want to continue to create a platform for regular exchange on the topic of H2 in Chile to shape the market together: The Hydrogen Round Tables.