Selected project examples

Location analysis for integrated energy management based on green hydrogen, Germany


The client is planning the construction of a new integrated energy management project based on green hydrogen. In the first step a large-scale electrolysis plant will be built at the former coal-fired power plant site in Thierbach, to convert renewable electricity into storable hydrogen, followed by a high-temperature storage tank with an electric boiler, as well as an innovative gas turbine, which converts stored hydrogen into disposable electricity. During this process, the steam of the waste heat from the gas turbine is available for use or storage. In order to proof the eligibility for approval and the suitability of the site for the future power plant, Fichtner is preparing a feasibility analysis, in terms of the suitability of the installation area, the media connection to the 110 kV/380 kV power grid, the gas network as well as the district heating, wastewater and water supply.