Selected project examples

Development concept for energy storage in Lower Saxony until 2030


As part of the preparation of the 'Development concept for energy storage in Lower Saxony', technologies were investigated that have the potential to store energy both mechanically and chemically on a grid scale. Included among these, is hydrogen storage. Activities included within the framework of the development concept were presentations of the principles of operation, analysis of potential, and feasibility studies. Based on the assessments of their potentials and the feasibility studies, the technologies were prioritized and compared in terms of their cost-effectiveness.

Fichtner services

  • Depiction of the principles of operation of various energy storage technologies, e.g. hydrogen storage​
  • Analysis of potential with regard to storage capacity and power output in relation to the time required for energy input​
  • Feasibility studies in terms of the configurations and modes of operation of the storage systems​
  • Listing the energy storage technologies in order of priority​
  • Comparison of the technologies' economic performance​

Technical data

  • Energy storage


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