Hydrogen Plant Design – Complex Sector Coupling

Hydrogen Plant Design – Complex Sector Coupling

TIWAG plans a hydrogen production facility near the Langkampfen run-of-river hydropower plant that will integrate the electricity, heat, gas and mobility sectors (Power2X Kufstein). A grounded 25 kV power line from the power plant to the works premises, supported by a planned roof-mounted PV system, supplies the other electrical consumers at the site. The hydrogen produced and the heat are supplied to various consumers. This means that a large amount of infrastructural construction is necessary. Hydrogen lines have to be built between the works premises and the off-site consumers. In addition to the electric charging points, a hydrogen tank system and loading facility have to to be built. Furthermore, storage capacities are also planned. Fichtner has been commissioned as Owner's Engineer by TIWAG.

Our services

  • Design, route and implementation planning
  • Permit planning and management
  • Specifications / Inquiry documents
  • Assistance during tendering, bid evaluation, assistance in contract award negotiations
  • Project Management
  • Verification of drawings
  • Local construction supervision, commissioning / trial operation

Technical Data

  • Power-to-gas
  • Power-to-heat
  • Mobility


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