Selected project examples

Entry of Bosch into the market of electrolysers stacks

Entry of Bosch into the market of electrolysers stacks

Our customer Bosch has set a good example and attracted a lot of attention with the decision to enter the market for electrolysis stacks. Great opportunities are to be found here, both for existing and new market players. We are proud that together with our colleagues of our Fichtner Management Consulting AG we played a role in this decision from Bosch.
Due to the dynamic development of the hydrogen market, Bosch is planning to enter manufacturing electrolysers. For this Fichtner has drawn up a market entry strategy, in which the global H2 markets and their developments were analyzed, business and value creation models of the current players were identified and evaluated, and possible partner ecosystems were presented. In addition, critical success factors for each value creation stage were outlined and a recommendation for action for possible market entry was derived.

Fichtner’s service:

  • Market analysis
  • Business and value creation models
  • Partner ecosystems
  • Strategic target image
  • Market entry scenarios