Selected project examples

Feasibility study: hydrogen, electricity and heat generation from wind energy


For purposes of locality development, further endeavors were being made to exploit the existing hydrogen infrastructure, also in view of the experience that has been made with handling hydrogen at this location. For this purpose, consideration was being given to setting up the entire process chain for hydrogen generation and exploitation, with the following principal components: wind energy exploitation as basis; hydrogen generation, treatment and storage; its utilization in the vicinity, e.g. hydrogen filling station, fuels for rocket engine factory testing; and firing hydrogen for cogeneration of electricity and heat. The required electricity was to be provided from local generation by wind turbines. Fichtner prepared a feasibility study covering, among others, an outline technical concept, investigation of options and economic analysis of energy supply.

Our Services

  • Feasibility Study
  • Creation of the technical draft concept
  • Illustration of Variants
  • Economic analysis of the energy supply
  • Presentation of the essential characteristics for the hydrogen production

Technical Data

  • Hydrogen infrastructure