Selected project examples

Pre-Feasibility Study for a Green Hydrogen Production Plant for Public Transport


The client intends to develop a Green hydrogen production plant using Hydropower as the exclusive electricity source. The Green hydrogen will then be used to supply hydrogen trains as well as hydrogen buses in the region. For this, a refueling station is to be planned in the nearby train station, including the appropriate hydrogen transport infrastructure. Fichtner was hired to carry out a pre-feasibility study of the whole system. In this regard, multiple scenarios at multiple locations were considered and analyzed using Fichtner’s unique H2 Optimizer.

Our Services

  • Analyzing hydropower electricity generation and hydrogen offtake profiles
  • Sizing of the Hydrogen generation plant and of the refueling station
  • Assessment of the technical and operational feasibility
  • Preparing a cost estimation (CAPEX and OPEX)
  • Evaluation of different scenarios of the plant, its location as well as hydrogen transportation
  • Analysis of the permitting context

Technical Data

  • Hydropower
  • Hydrogen infrastructure