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Innovative sector coupling project​ with Hydrogen, Austria

Innovative sector coupling project​ with Hydrogen, Austria

TIWAG plans a hydrogen production facility near the Langkampfen run-of-river hydropower plant that will integrate the electricity, heat, gas and mobility sectors (Power2X Kufstein). A MV power line from the power plant to the works premises, supported by a planned roof-mounted PV system, supplies the groundwater treatment plant, electrolyzer, compressors, heat pumps, flow heaters, electric charging points and other electrical consumers at the site. The hydrogen produced, the heat and cooling are supplied to various consumers on and off the premises. This means that a large amount of infrastructure needs to be constructed (district cooling, hydrogen and oxygen lines) between the works premises and the off-site consumers. In addition to the electric charging points, a hydrogen tank system is also to be built. Furthermore, storage capacities for heat and hydrogen are also planned. Fichtner has been commissioned as Owner's Engineer by TIWAG.

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Technical Data

  • Power-to-gas
  • Power-to-heat
  • Mobility


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