Decarbonization of the Chilean energy economy

Decarbonization of the Chilean energy economy

Many countries are developing strategies to decarbonize their energy matrix. This has led to the exploration of technologies which can gradually replace conventional energy sources and enable the transition from fossil to sustainable fuels. For these reasons, the implementation of hydrogen technologies in different sectors has aroused great interest all over the world. As part of this project, Fichtner analyzed the normative and regulatory framework of the entire hydrogen value chain both internationally as well as in leading countries. With the information obtained and processed, the Chilean government is provided with a basis for developing its own regulatory framework to optimally exploit this resource.

Our services

  • Development of a detailed chart showing hydrogen value chains​
  • Identification and analysis of international technical standards for all stages of the value chain​
  • Identification of regulations and policies for hydrogen value chains in various countries​
  • Comparative analysis of hydrogen market regulation and legislation in leading countries​
  • Assessment of the international regulatory framework for segments of the value chain​

Technical Data

  • Policy development


Ministry of Energy Chile