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11. August 2021

Publication in e|m|w 4|21: „Mit Wasserstoff in die Zukunft. H2 – Hoffnung oder Hype?“

In the new issue of e|m|w, Matthias Schlegel (Head of Hydrogen at Fichtner) and Oliver Broich (Consultant at Fichtner Management Consulting) talk about opportunities for municipal companies. 

The german article with the headline „Mit Wasserstoff in die Zukunft. H2 – Hoffnung oder Hype?“ can be found on the pages of e|m|w or here for further reading. 


Matthias Schlegel

Matthias Schlegel is Fichtner’s Head of Hydrogen. His key work focuses lie on both the commercial and the technical side. In line with the dynamic green chemicals market, one of his current focal points is the development of projects in the hydrogen and green chemicals space. Other key areas of his include decarbonization strategies for clients and advising policy-makers. In addition, Mr. Schlegel and Fichtner's hydrogen team are working on plant engineering projects, such as power-to-gas and green ammonia plants as well as hydrogen infrastructure. Mr. Schlegel is a highly respected speaker at international symposia and conferences on green hydrogen and the author of “Hydrogen - A Handbook for Investors and Project Developers”.